Siliguri's First waste management company is here

While everyone is focusing in making country better we Buddy Scrap is here in your city to make your city clean. As charity begins at home.


Redefining waste management industry

A little help to the industrial line to control the increasing amount of pollution.


Now disposable of waste becomes Smart and easy with us

Introduction of technology have make everything easy so enjoy the benefit and dial us as we are here 24/7 for you to make you worry free from thinking about disposal.

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About Buddy Scrap

With the growing population, pollution is also rapidly increasing affecting the climate. It has been seen that hand to pollution is what everyone does but to make it pollution free is hard for everyone. So here we the family of Buddy Scarp is ready with all we have to make city fully garbage free because every waste is counted here .keep your surroundings clean and make your society healthy with Buddy Scrap. Live in present by saving the future as we believe in prevention is better than cure.

Commercial waste collection

Industrial waste collection

Educational waste collection

Purchase of all kinds of scrap

Are you a corporate looking for a sustainable solution for your trash?

We have a customized service to suit the requirements of corporate waste.

Seamless pickup: Professional, scheduled, hassle-free, convenient, doorstep pick up.

Why choose Buddy Scrap

Delivering Results- Experience made us stand out.

Customized Service- because ones size doesn't fit all.

Professional and ethical- Redefining waste management industry

What our clients say

Earn more money by recycling more types of recyclables. Digital weighing, transparent pricing, and on-the-spot payment.

Our Partners

Awareness Programs and Initiatives

As we have joined hands with different schools in and around Siliguriarea,we will soon be conducting seminars and social initiatives on regular basis to aware students.The youth and future of our country importance ofnwaste segregration and recycling.

We are not only into business motive but also took intiative to make people more aware,how waste segregration and recycling can help city build better environment for the future generation.

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